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FDAR Attorneys Prevail in Federal Jury Trial

FDAR attorneys, Daniel Downey and Angelica Jarmusz, secured a defense verdict in federal court in the United States Southern District of Ohio following a three-day jury trial. The jury found that the Licking County Sheriff’s deputies represented by FDAR did not violate the Plaintiff’s constitutional rights. The case stemmed from events that took place on [...]

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Ohio Seeks to Reform Employment Discrimination Law

On October 1st, House Bill 352 was introduced, which seeks to provide comprehensive reform of Ohio’s employment discrimination statute (Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4112).  The bill also contains some employer-friendly changes which would simplify the defense of discrimination claims brought under the statute. Currently, employees can file a lawsuit under Ohio’s discrimination statute up to [...]

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EEOC Reaches Settlement on Pre-Employment Medical Questions

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has reached a settlement with Reliable Staffing, an Indianapolis staffing firm, resolving a charge of disability discrimination. The charge alleged the firm unlawfully made pre-offer medical inquiries to numerous job applicants. The EEOC alleged that Reliable Staffing used these medical inquiries to screen out applicants with disabilities. The EEOC [...]

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FLSA Overtime Pay Calculation: As Enforcement Increases, Employer Confusion Remains

Failing to compensate employees below the required overtime rate under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) is an unnecessary source of liability for employers. However, the topic is often overlooked due to the complexity and confusion surrounding what actually counts toward an employee’s regular rate, the base rate an employer must use when determining overtime [...]

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DOL Issues Long-Awaited Overtime Rule Update

On September 24, 2019, the U.S. Department of Labor announced a long-awaited final rule updating the earnings threshold workers need to meet to qualify for exemptions. The final rule raises the “standard salary level” from the current $22,660 annual salary ($455 per week) to $35,568 per year ($684 per week) for a full-time worker. Certain [...]

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