FDAR attorneys draw on their extensive appellate, insurance defense and dispute resolution experience to provide successful outcomes for clients.

We evaluate cases early on to determine the best possible outcome for our clients. Our firm has established a successful track record in state and federal courts. For the firm’s recent history of defense verdicts, see our Trial Successes page. From drafting a compelling brief to arguing before a state or federal court, our firm has the skills and knowledge to expertly handle all facets of a lawsuit or appellate process. Our litigation services include, but are not limited to Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate Practice and Insurance Defense.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution, also known as ADR, has become an integral component in the practice of law.

Whether it’s by a court of law, administrative agency or provision in a contract, parties with disputes are encouraged to participate in the ADR process so they can quickly and efficiently resolve their disputes and obtain a “win-win” result. FDAR attorneys have significant experience representing clients in ADR for all types of claims and issues. FDAR attorneys use their experience to “think outside the box”, so they can achieve a resolution that promotes the goals of our clients, while also reducing the costs, time, disruption and energy associated with litigating a claim. The experience and skills of FDAR attorneys allows our clients to continue running their businesses and managing their workforce, while also achieving beneficial mediated results.

Appellate Practice

FDAR attorneys are highly respected and successful in appellate matters.

FDAR attorneys have appeared before both state and federal courts of appeal. Additionally, due to the firm’s broad experience and solid reputation, attorneys have been asked to prepare and file amicus curiae briefs on controversial issues.

Civil Litigation

Call on FDAR’s proven litigators to defend your interests in court.

Our experienced, proven litigators are called upon by clients to navigate complex court cases and to defend their interests. Clients look to us for litigation defense because of our capabilities and our ability to effectively evaluate and litigate their claims, while keeping in mind their goals. We defend clients in cases involving Breach of Contract, TRO/Injunction, Trade Secrets/Non-Compete, Employment Law, Constitutional Rights, Government Liability, Auto, Personal Injury, Construction Defects, and other civil claims. The history and reputation of FDAR attorneys has led to ongoing relationships with clients who consistently rely on us for preliminary case investigation and evaluation, as well as representation before administrative agencies and in court.

Insurance Defense

Regardless of the preventative measures taken, it is sometimes inevitable that a lawsuit will be filed.

When a client has been sued or litigation is inevitable, FDAR attorneys have solid recognition for defending clients and assisting them in the lawsuit process. In defending clients, FDAR works with insurance companies, third-party administrators and risk pools. Both clients and insurers look to FDAR attorneys for insurance litigation defense because of our capabilities and understanding of the facts and circumstances giving rise to claims. Our history, experience and reputation have given FDAR the opportunity to develop strong relationships with insurance defense companies and risk pools; as a result, we are frequently appointed to defend law suits ranging from alleged violations of an individual’s civil rights to Section 1983 claims involving an alleged excessive use of force.

Workers’ Compensation

FDAR attorneys have the knowledge and experience to make workers’ compensation “workable” for employers.

We are experienced in providing clients with the advice and representation they need on all facets of their workers’ compensation claims. At the outset, FDAR attorneys assist employers in preparing policies and procedures that help them minimize the risk of workplace injuries and exposure. When workplace injuries occur, we provide employers with advice on how to conduct effective injury investigations. After a workers’ compensation claim is filed, FDAR defends employers before the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and Industrial Commission as well as in court. FDAR attorneys work closely with employers and their third-party administrators to determine the most effective and efficient strategies for defending claims. We also provide employers with advice on the best ways to effectively manage their workers’ compensation claims and the employees who are impacted. As we work with clients, FDAR’s goal is to ensure employers receive sensible advice and effective representation to resolve and administer workers’ compensation matters.