Our firm’s deep and comprehensive knowledge of public sector law gives us the ability to provide clients with expert representation in areas that include employment and labor law, unemployment, school law, discrimination law, wage and hour law, public records and workers’ compensation.

FDAR represents public sector clients throughout Ohio, from large metropolitan cities to villages, and from rural areas to the suburbs.

Discrimination Law

As both federal and state laws prohibiting harassment and discrimination in the workplace continue to expand and broaden, FDAR attorneys are prepared to respond on behalf of employers.

FDAR attorneys defend employers before the Ohio Civil Rights Commission and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and in state and federal courts, against allegations of discrimination and harassment.

Our attorneys have experience representing clients in all matters related to discrimination and harassment, including retaliation.

FDAR attorneys also have expertise in providing a thorough investigation in response to an employee claim of discrimination, harassment or retaliation.

Consistent with our desire to be proactive with our clients, FDAR attorneys have reviewed and drafted numerous policies and procedures for clients, and have provided training to prevent unlawful harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

As needed, FDAR’s highly experienced mediators can provide mediation services to resolve claims of workplace harassment and discrimination.

Labor and Employment

FDAR has distinguished itself in its labor and employment law practice.

FDAR represents employers in state and federal courts, administrative agencies, at arbitrations and the bargaining table.

As a firm, FDAR consists of attorneys who represent employers in issues related to labor and employment.

FDAR attorneys take the responsibility to be proactive for clients, reducing the situations when our clients need to turn to an attorney.

Our attorneys have experience working with both human resources professionals and family businesses, and as a result they understand that they provide a service that limits workplace disruptions.

We take our role with our clients very seriously, and we educate them so they can continue to provide high-quality services to their consumers.

Public Records

Ohio Sunshine Laws are an intimidating and potentially costly issue for Ohio’s public employers.

Because of FDAR’s skill and knowledge related to Ohio’s Public Records Law, our attorneys are often asked to speak at training sessions and seminars regarding Chapter 149 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Additionally, FDAR attorneys frequently assist public employers in drafting public records policies, as well as retention schedules.

If litigation becomes necessary, FDAR attorneys have successfully represented public employers in litigation related to Ohio’s Public Records Law.

School Law

FDAR attorneys regularly work with boards of education regarding matters related to school law.

Our firm’s attorneys frequently work with superintendents and other administrators to negotiate collective bargaining agreements with unions, and to assist school boards in other legal matters including student and employee records, school safety, employee discipline and labor arbitration.

FDAR attorneys also defend school administrators individually. Our experience in school labor and employment issues ensures that administrators receive the best possible results.

Unemployment Compensation

For most employers, it’s inevitable that there are times when they will need to sever their employment relationship with an employee.

When an employee is separated from employment, they are likely to seek unemployment benefits.

FDAR attorneys provide assistance and representation to help clients achieve a positive outcome in unemployment compensation issues. FDAR attorneys get involved in unemployment matters either very early by assisting with the preparation of paperwork or later during the appeals process.

Regardless of when we get involved, FDAR attorneys always take a practical approach to help you minimize the risk of having to pay unemployment benefits.

Wage & Hour Law

FDAR attorneys are well versed in the wage and hour issues facing Ohio’s employers.

Our attorneys have many years of experience in advising clients regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as assisting clients with Department of Labor audits.

Our attorneys also assist clients in determining an employee’s overtime status. We also provide advice regarding record-keeping requirements, pay plan development, and assistance with vacation and sick leave policies.

If litigation should become necessary, FDAR attorneys have in-depth experience representing clients in both federal and state court.

In short, FDAR attorneys assist employers in all aspects of wage and hour law to ensure Fair Labor Standards Act compliance.

Workers’ Compensation

FDAR attorneys have the knowledge and experience to make workers’ compensation “workable” for employers.

We are experienced in providing clients with the advice and representation they need on all facets of their workers’ compensation claims.

At the outset, FDAR attorneys assist employers in preparing policies and procedures that help them minimize the risk of workplace injuries and exposure.

When workplace injuries occur, we provide employers with advice on how to conduct effective injury investigations.

After a workers’ compensation claim is filed, FDAR defends employers before the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and Industrial Commission as well as in court. FDAR attorneys work closely with employers and their third-party administrators to determine the most effective and efficient strategies for defending claims.

We also provide employers with advice on the best ways to effectively manage their workers’ compensation claims and the employees who are impacted.

As we work with clients, FDAR’s goal is to ensure employers receive sensible advice and effective representation to resolve and administer workers’ compensation matters.