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Ohio Supreme Court Addresses Public Policy Wrongful Discharge Claim

In Miracle v. Ohio Dept. of Veterans Servs. the Ohio Supreme Court held there is no clear public policy provided in R.C. 124.27(B) and 124.56 that would allow a civil-service employee, terminated during their probationary period, to assert a tort claim for wrongful-discharge. The Ohio Department of Veterans Services hired Miracle on a probationary period [...]

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Fishel Downey Named Best Lawyers 2020

        Several FDAR attorneys have once again been named among the Best Lawyers in America 2020! This list is compiled based on peer reviews and recommendations from leading lawyers in each field. Congratulations to Benjamin S. Albrecht, Daniel T. Downey and Marc A. Fishel on this esteemed recognition! Their colleagues have rated [...]

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Good News for Employers- Workers’ Comp Issues Rebates

This summer the Board of Directors for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) approved a proposal from Governor DeWine to send $1.5 billion of the agency’s revenue back to Ohio employers. This is the BWC’s largest rebate in 20 years. The Ohio Workers’ Compensation System provides benefits from an insurance fund to workers who [...]

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Parental Leave and Sex Discrimination in the Modern Workplace

There has been an increased focus in recent years on parental leave policies and benefits as employers compete to hire and retain top flight talent.  A recent $5 million Chase Bank settlement highlights Title VII’s unique application to parental leave policies. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, employers cannot discriminate against [...]

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Zero Tolerance Drug Policies and Ohio’s New CBD Law

Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine just signed Ohio Senate Bill 57 which allows for the immediate sale of cannabidiol (“CBD”) and hemp cultivation. For employers, this will likely result in an increase in positive drug tests and create additional obstacles in combating the culture of normality around marijuana use. CBD is one of the hundreds of [...]

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Conducting Workplace Investigations

One of the most difficult issues for employers is disciplining employees.  An employer must consider many issues when it is deciding to discipline.  Having all the facts involved in the disciplinary matter is crucial yet employers often fail to conduct a thorough investigation before making a decision.  This article includes some questions for employers to [...]

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